888 Poker free 8 dollars

888 Poker are giving all new players 8 dollars for free. There is no need to make a deposit. You just have to register a real poker account at 888 Poker and you will automatically get the free $8. (There are other sites where you can get free poker bonuses too).

At this time 888 Poker does not accept players from the United States of America.

Just click here to go to the 888 Poker page for this offer and follow the instructions.

Eight dollars is not a massive free bankroll by any means but it will get you playing real poker without having to make a deposit. T&C’s Apply

888 Poker is one of the most well known online poker rooms and has been in business since the 1990’s. It is a publicly traded company listed on the London Stock exchange. It also has a fairly large number of players even though they don’t accept American players.

Of course, the fact that they do not operate in the U.S. means that there won’t be any trouble with your account there, unlike some other poker rooms.

This means that 888 Poker is a very safe and secure online poker room.

However, as it is so popular, especially with players that are new to poker, there can be some very bad beats at the micro stakes. That’s just a part of the game, and with every new player getting 8 dollars for free, there are always going to be lots of beginner players on the tables at 888.

The idea of this free bonus is for you to try out the software and see if you like it. To be fair, it is a great idea and more poker rooms should try it. Often you come across a new poker room that you like the look of but you don’t really want to go to the trouble of signing up and depositing just to see what it feels like to play there.

Many rooms will just not suit your style of play for one reason or another. With 888 and their free money deal, you get to try the software and if you don’t like it for some reason then you can just walk away.

The reason that 888 Poker are doing this offer now is because they recently improved their poker software in style and appearance, and added a 3D option too, so they think that once you try it you will like it.

It certainly seems to be working as 888 Poker has grown to be the fourth most popular online poker site, and the third most popular that does not take Americans.

There doesn’t seem to be any reason not to try the new poker software using this free offer so you should head on over to this page on the 888 Poker site to get started.

You can watch this quick, one minute video to see just how easy it is to get the free 8 dollars from 888 poker.

If you find that you do like the software and want to continue playing there, you will find a lot of different deposit and withdrawal options available to you. You can also get a welcome bonus of up to $400 depending on how much you want to deposit.

They have some other great promotions too, like a monthly free $5 for active players, some great freerolls and other personalized promotions to suit how you play.

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