Real Money Poker Sites

Playing poker online for real money can be a big change even for players that have been successful in real life home games. The first, and biggest, obstacle will be the rake.

The rake is what catches most players that are used to being profitable in real life poker. While it may seem like an insignificant amount, in reality paying the rake can turn a profitable player into a losing one.

Of course, players that have already played in real life poker rooms will be used to the effect of the rake, adn this will not be an issue. The next big change in moving to playing online will be the change in the interaction with the other players. without realizing it you may be used to picking up on the other players body language, and now of course that will not be available to you.

One further change that you may not expect and will have to deal with is the different social interaction of playing online as opposed to playing in the real world. While there are many benefits to being able to play poker from home, there can be some drawbacks too. It can get pretty lonely sitting in silence night after night clicking your mouse button. This is even more noticable if you are used to the socialness of having to go to a real poker room to get your game.

In my opinion, the advantages of playing online far outweigh the disadvantages but it all comes down to how the individual player feels.

If you are just starting out with poker online then a great room to try is 888 Poker. They have some great bonuses for new players and very low micro stakes tables for beginners.

Bodog Poker stops accepting new European players

Bodog Poker has stopped accepting new poker players from the UK and the Eu effectively immediately. This was announced yesterday, the 4th October, and is in place today, the 5th October. The Bodog licensing structure is complicated and there are …

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Playing poker online for cash

Online poker players need to keep up with all the developments in the industry. Not only is it advisable to be aware of the various promotions that come and go at various poker sites, but other areas where there may be an edge to be taken advantage of, should be examinded too. Learning how to get rakeback for example can make a major difference to a player who is a regular grinder.

Hollywood Poker closes

Hollywood Poker has closed its virtual doors. As it was on the OnGame poker network, they have arranged for all player accounts and balances to be transferred to the RedKings Poker room, which is also on the Ongame network. Hollywood …

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PokerStars to buy FullTilt?

Rumors have been flying around various internet poker forums that PokerStars are in talks to buy the troubled FullTilt poker brand. Along with that, the management company behind FullTilt, PocketKings, was seen to be posting job openings for customer service …

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Free Carbon Poker Odds Calculator

Carbon Poker Odds calculator in action

Carbon Poker have released a new poker odds calculator tool that is free for all their players to download and use at the Carbon Poker tables. This cool poker tool calculates pot odds, the number of outs you have and …

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BankRollMob – review for U.S. players

Free bankroll from Bankrollmob reviewed

Players from America have had a hard time playing online poker since the crackdown last year. There are few online poker rooms that will accept U.S. players these days. Thankfully there are still some that welcome Americans. One of the …

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888 Poker free 8 dollars

888 Poker are giving all new players 8 dollars for free. There is no need to make a deposit. You just have to register a real poker account at 888 Poker and you will automatically get the free $8. (There …

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Risk level in online poker

A very welcome flop

Increasingly, as players get more internet savvy, there is a concern about the safety of playing in online poker rooms. To be fair this is a real concern and every player that likes to play real poker online should take …

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